Thursday, 26 September 2013

Once Beaten Twice Shot!

Dear Readers,

Sincere apologies for my long cessation from blogging. I have been preoccupied with attending to some other budding personal projects that needed so much of my time, creative energies and attention.
I promise to be back fully sooner than you think. In the meantime, i came across a highly educative and enlightening blogpost by a friend and blogger Aj (Ajumoke Nwaeze) and thought to share it with you today.
I do hope you enjoy the read. Feel free to drop your comments and also download the video and song accompanying the video.
Here's the article:

Once Beaten, Twice Shot!

                                                                Most men who beat women cheat on women.

“Men are physically stronger than women but have no place abusing that power.”

This was the end quote for my video "Could This Be"

Writing that song was the first step, recording it was another, but the hardest part was listening to the song over and over, and plotting a video that best expressed the words of the song.