Monday, 24 March 2014

The ATM is NOT your friend!

Making money is like digging with a nail, while losing money is like pouring water on the sand.”-Japanese Proverb

Just the other day, I was at the airport and needed some cash to pay some bills. I figured there was an Automated Teller Machine within the terminal and quickly paced towards it to withdraw the cash.

I had intended withdrawing just N 3,000, but on getting there, without even thinking properly, I withdrew N 5,000!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

How NOT to get a job in Nigeria: A Lesson from the Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment

In Nigeria, that you graduate from the University is no guarantee that you will get a job. That you have spent 2, 3 or even four yours and more searching for a job, only to find none is no longer news. We have gotten so used to the unemployment thing like it's supposed to be a normal pattern of society.

The job search scenario is so grim

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Why I don’t “deal” with the police

“To serve and protect with integrity”

No offense to any one of my acquaintances who may be a member of the police force. While writing this piece, I did a quick run-through of my friends just to check if I have any one who is a police officer as a friend. I wasn’t so surprised when I didn’t find any.
I really do not have stuff to do with the police or anything against them, but even when there is a genuine reason to get their help on an issue