Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My 28th Birthday! #BirthdayGive-away!

It was my birthday on the 27th!!!

I wished it was a Friday . . . but I couldn't change the day, besides I love Mondays so I had to flow with it anyway.

I'm grateful to my Creator, the Almighty Father for this special day, I am one score half a dozen and two years today. I could have been dead, in prison, broke, sick, or perhaps never even existed, but he chose to have me come on the scene on this special day through the family of Mr and Mrs A. C. Nwanganga to whom I owe immense gratitude.

To everyone that has been a part of my life so far, thank you. And to everyone who sent me lovely birthday messages via facebook, SMS, BBM, Whatsapp, and called, I really did appreciate each and everyone of your messages. THANK YOU!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Counting Down to My Birthday...New Book Loading

Hi Guys!

It's been an awfully long break from blogging for me. Who missed me? Cos I sure did miss you guys.
A lot has gone down this year already.. the elections have finally come and gone, we now have a brand new President and some new Governors, Dame Patience ,sadly,will be moving out of Aso Rock, "Power" will most certainly change hands come May 29th. Too bad for them political jobbers who have no "insurance" after then.

In other developments,