I Think I Saw The Future…When I Wasn’t even a Prophet


Prof Kamene Okonjo
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Just a few days ago, there was a lot of talk going around about the kidnapping of the mother of Nigeria’s Finance Minister, Prof Kamene Okonjo. So much was being said and a lot of gossip had started making the rounds over the issue.

Talkative folks like me were not left out of the political imbroglio. I had happened to be discussing – or should I say – analyzing the issue with my friends as well as my colleagues. In all of our talk, one person or the other had this or that conspiracy theory, while a few were either oblivious of the facts or totally nonchalant.

I remember vividly my opinion which I shared gladly with my friends, one of whom classified my own theory as outlandish and an unrealistic figment of my imagination. Taking the comment in perspective, I held strongly to my view that the kidnap was not unconnected with the recent demands by Mr President of some “extra” N 161 Billion for fuel subsidy payments, as well as Nigeria’s oil cartel.

Here was my supposed point:

1.               The sequence of events–the kidnapping, the demand for extra cash by Mr President, as well as the sudden(or rather immediate) release of the aged professor shortly after  the approval for the release of the funds was given–were all too in sync and very very exact! Everything seemed to play out fantastically like a well scripted Hollywood movie.

2.               The ransom which was purportedly demanded by the kidnappers–which the Nigerian Police Force hastily dismissed–was approximately equivalent to the sum sought by Mr President and his “oily” friends.

Ransom Kidnappers allegedly demanded = $1 Billion
Amount requested by Mr President for extra subsidy payments = N 161 Billion

Prevailing Dollar Exchange rate at the time:
$1 = N 160 - N 161

Doing the math, one can arithmetically deduce that the two amounts are strikingly similar and to a large extent identical.
  3.   Madam spills the beans! On Monday evening of December, 2012, I was tuned in to Channels TV news at about 9 pm. I read the lines on the scroll bar “”. Prior to this time, and before the kidnapping and subsequent release of madam as well as the funds, Madam Okonjo-Iweala had earlier mentioned(or rather threatened) as quoted on several news media that she will not make any further payments for fuel subsidy for the year as the
N 881 Billion previously budgeted would be sufficient for this year.

I am not by this opinion justifying Madam Okonjo-Iweala–she had her flaws. I just think that the game player’s game was rather “too theatrical” and predictable this time. I recall commenting on a facebook post of one of my friends which I would repost here. A rather comical and all but factual post which went thus:

“Come and see American wonder!!!

*Day 1:   Ngozi’s mother was kidnapped by gunmen

*Day 2:   Kidnappers made contact and requested for $1b to free her. Police denied the contact.

*Day 3:   GEJ requested N 161 Billion for supplementary budget (19 days to end the year) $1b= N 161b

*Day 4:   Senate approves N 161b for GEJ

*Day 5:   Kidnappers released Ngozi’s mother ‘without’ ransom. Hmm”

I commented, 

“…we know she was kidnapped 2 twist madam’s hand 4 d money 2 b approved 4 GEJ’s oil friends N 161bn Christmas subsidy package! Only God knows what he (GEJ) will announce on 01/01/13. God help 9ja! ”.

At this point, my friends and colleagues who discussed/analyzed this issue together with have begun suspecting if I am psychic, possess a very powerful crystal ball, or perhaps am secretly working for the FBI or CIA.

I simply laughed and said maybe I saw the future…even when I wasn’t a prophet. 😄😄😄

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