How To Predict Your Future Wealth


This Simple “Litmus Test” Predicts Your Future Wealth…           
This test is really interesting if you follow my strain of thought carefully.
In just a minute I’m going to share a simple 10 second test that will predict your future wealth.
If you recall at the beginning of the year, I posted the Sigmond Freud Priority Test to enable us set our priorities right for the year. This time, this test will enable you predict accurately  your future wealth.

This isn’t some psychic or phony crystal ball stuff.
This “test” been an extremely accurate gauge of future wealth or over 50 years, and was originally invented by Confucius over 2500 years ago!
It has successfully predicted people’s future wealth with breathtaking accuracy.

Ok! Let’s hit it!

Step 1:  You are going to take a quick look around your house for the next 2 minutes.
Step 2:  Identify the top ten (10) items that you think would possibly enhance your wealth and those that could possibly diminish your wealth.
Step 3:  Pick out the Most Significant item in each group (Top 1).

Now, here’s the trick.
If the wealth-enhancing items are “bigger/more in number” and the other wealth-diminishing items are “smaller/less in number,”...

You are going to be successful and probably rich.

If your items are in the reverse, it is more likely that you might end in financial mediocrity.

Did you figure it out yet?
Have you guessed the top two (2) items in the different categories to look out for?

The answer is simple. The items to look for are: the size of your Library vs. the size of your TV. That’s it!
If your library (this includes: musical instruments, work studios, digital work/business-related material, etc) is bigger/more sophisticated than your TV, one could easily predict wealth and success in your future.

This is especially true if your library is heavily stocked with non-fiction titles, non-entertainment, non-leisure material. You know, “how to” books and courses on subjects like time management, investing, business systems, relationship building, networking, real estate, stocks… And so on and so forth.

Because invariably, the richest people I know (who make 6, 7 and 8 figures per year) …
All have small TVs… And HUGE libraries.
The richest of the rich have NO TV set at all!
Jim Rohn said: “Poor people have big TVs. Rich people have big libraries”
I love that quote.

Confucius said it this way 25 hundred years ago… “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”

But it is the truth. You can (and should) apply it to yourself. Just that, you may not necessarily need to take the 2 minute house tour method as it doesn’t always work anymore
The best thing for YOU:

Just fill your electronic device with nonfiction goodness. And use it. It’s the surest (and historically proven) path to future prosperity.
So here’s the simple test for yourself.

Is your TV bigger than your non-fiction library?
Do you spend more time watching mindless prime-time programming than you do on cultivating your brain with life-changing information?

This isn’t about judging you. There’s always a time and a place for entertainment. But overdosing on frivolity can be more ruinous than most people realize.

The middle class is typically strung out on their “TV fix” every weekday night. Like mesmerized zombies. Meanwhile the wealthy are learning new ways to be more productive… And honing skills to improve their value to society (and make more money in the process).
Is it any wonder the rich keep getting richer? And the middle class stays mired in mediocrity?

Here’s what to Do If You Failed the Test…
Don’t worry.

Even if you fail the TV test, you can easily reverse the results. Start by grabbing some great non-fiction books this yuletide season, with the days/weeks off work and holidays.
Replace just one of your favorite TV programs with a half-hour or hour of reading, learning something new, engage in some profitable, healthy, mind-developing activity.

At first it’ll feel like you’re missing out on something big. You’re not. Soon you’ll eagerly look forward to your “learning time.” Get into that studio and cook some music; Turn that oven/microwave of yours into a mini bakery/pastry-making machine! Do something!
And I guarantee you won’t miss that silly sitcom or reality show (that isn’t even reality at all).

Seriously. Which activity do you think will have a bigger impact on your future life and prosperity?
If you want the prosperity of the rich, you know the right choice.

Enjoy the best of the season!
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