How NOT to get a job in Nigeria: A Lesson from the Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment


In Nigeria, that you graduate from the University is no guarantee that you will get a job. That you have spent 2, 3 or even four yours and more searching for a job, only to find none is no longer news. We have gotten so used to the unemployment thing like it's supposed to be a normal pattern of society.

The job search scenario is so grim
that some graduates have even  up on searching. When you do find an opening that looks like something you are suited for, your hopes will be dashed when you are find out the job requires 3, 4 or 5 years work experience which you do not and cannot have as long as you are unemployed.

A sad story and big lesson worth learning form is the recent Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment testing exercise. Inside reports have it that of the over 4,556 jobs, 4,316 has already been allocated to well-connected politicians, including lawmakers. Only 240 of the jobs were actually available for the over 522,652 unfortunate applicants who went out in their numbers last Saturday with the hopes of getting a lucky spot with the job of which some 12-16 persons have been reported dead across the country. Sad.

It's amazing that these applicants were charged a N1,000 registration fee which raked in a whooping N6 billion revenue for the agency! How bad can it get!
 This whole thing has taught me how NOT to get a job in Nigeria, and I'll tell you how:
1. Never Join a bandwagon applying for a job and die in the process
2. If they charge you money for a job, dump it! It's either a scam, or a dead-end.
3. Don't bother applying for government or public company jobs, they are mostly allocated to highly placed individuals and politicians Except you have a highly placed individual or politician giving you a slot. Otherwise, No hope!
4. If they ask for many years of experience for a job you believe you are qualified, either apply by "faith"; go get some experience-from where I don't know-, or better still add some experience to your cv by simply typing the words "Has XYZ years of Experience"! (LOL)
If these do not work and you still do not get a job after like 5 years, well, I think you better start doing something and be self-employed somehow. Na de way sure pass!

© Precious Nwanganga 2014

DISCLAIMER: The opinion of the author are presented as a satirical perspective to the unemployment problem in Nigeria. These may/not be in line with the author's true position on the matter. 

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