Of Celebrity Marriages and Fairy Tale Weddings

Looking at the gorgeous pictures of Tiwa Savage & Tee Bill’s wedding which took place over the weekend in Dubai, with a roll call of Nigerian Entertainment industry celebrities in attendance, I couldn’t help but smile shyly. Not the kind of smile that you put on when you’re happy or feeling hearty, its that smile you wear when you feel pity/sympathy for the person/people in a nice photograph who something bad may happen or has happened to.
With all the media hype and buzz created by this superstar marriage, my concern really is how long will it last? I’m not against dreaming of a fairytale wedding, I too dream of having my own fairytale wedding sometime soon (*wink*) and I'm not saying your wedding should not be classy, glamourous, hit-making and all that. My concern is when we let ourselves get obsessed with the fairytale idea, we tend to lose sight of reality, focus on the wrong things and set our marriages on the wrong foundation.
I know a lot of ladies today are obsessed with this whole “perfect wedding” idea that they sometimes become oblivious of the person they are getting married to and the life they will begin after the whole ceremony is over. Unsubstantiated reports reaching me indicate that this has contributed largely to the high cost of white wedding ceremonies, as most ladies want to show off on that day with the most glitz and glamour on display in everything-the wedding gown (must be Vera Wang), the clothes, the shoes (Fendi or Gucci), the lighting, the stage, the food, every damn thing! The kind of wedding that even Kim Kardashian would duff hats.
Sadly, with the cost of marriages getting higher, some intending grooms feel compelled to either postpone the date to a later date (to enable them save up enough  cash to handle the huge expenses that come with weddings these days) or alternatively, completely shelve marriage plans indefinitely, cohabit the “wife” and begin enjoying marriage privileges FREE of charge. Most ladies end up staying unmarrie while, not beacause they are not pretty, have bad attitude or are not "marriage-able", but rather because they are busy waiting for the "perfect husand" who would give them their fairy tale wedding, which never happens.
In all of this, I just hope a lot of ladies would kill their obsession for “fairytale weddings”, get real, focus on the "marriage' and not on the "wedding"... and I hope that they (Tiwa & Tee Bills) live “Happily Ever after” as they do in fairy tales.

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