Special Day! Celebrating my Birthday!!!


In my lifetime, this date incidence will only happen again when I’m72, 82 & 92. In spite of everything, I’m grateful to God that I’m alive, I’m healthy & sound physically and mentally, not doing poorly financially, my family is ok,  friends are doing fine too & there’s no cause for alarm.
Even though I’m not yet where I dream of being, I’m definitely not where I was a few years back. I’ve gotta admit I’m truly blessed!
I can’t stop imagining what 5 & 10 years from now will be…Awesome!
Dear PmoneyTalk’ers, even though you may not get the opportunity to share a drink or birthday cake with me, I’d love to share something that I believe will be very valuable to you and help you through your challenging moments.
Thanks for being a part of my journey. God Bless you all!
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