Tips to Save Battery Life on Your Mobile Phone


Save Your Battery Life

During the week, we heard news that passengers using US and UK airports have been told that all electronic devices they're travelling with must be charged in order to meet new guidelines issued by the Department for Transport. Passengers with phones, laptops and tablets that are not charged will have to leave their items behind.This is coming on the heels of reports of possible terror attack threats using mobile devices on US and UK bound airlines.

For many of us, keeping our smartphone or tablet charged is challenging enough, especially with our not-so-good power situation, without the extra pressure of airport security bearing down on us. However, there are a few steps you can take in order to stretch out the life of your device and ensure that you're trip abroad isn't delayed.

#1. Turn Off Data

When you don't need it, turn off your mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as the energy needed to power these services reduces your battery life significantly. So if you have another device with you to access email on, spare your smartphone. The switches for all of these will be found in your settings app.

#2. Reduce Screen Brightness

One of the biggest drains on your battery life is screen brightness, with many users leaving it much higher than it needs to be. You should also disable any auto brightness function as this also affects your battery. Reduce the brightness level of your phone to something considerably low but still visible.

#3. Close Running Apps

Leaving your apps running in the background can not only cost you data, but battery life too, especially if you've been playing a graphics-heavy game. I used to play games a lot on my phone but stopped when I learnt the impact it had on my overall phone health. Do some housekeeping and close your apps as you finish using them.

#4. Update Power Management Software

Smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung regularly release software updates that reorganise how power is managed, so make sure you always complete updates. This is especially important if you're not using the latest model phone, as new software can have an increased impact on older devices.

#5. Turn off Notifications

Similarly to data, you can set how often your phone attempts to fetch new emails, new facebook and twitter notifications, etc – all these require data and battery power. Reduce the regularity of this and you can save a few percent in the long run.

#6. Change Motion & Animation Settings

The iPhone 5S has plenty of motion and animations as you move through the interface. Under the general section of the settings app you can turn this off and keep your phone charged for longer.

#7. Save Videos, Don’t Stream

Maybe save that 20 minute video of cats playing table tennis until you get home, or watch it on your laptop, as streaming video to mobile can be strenuous for your battery.

#8. Get a Power Bank

If all else fails, invest in a charging case or power bank to keep with you in case of emergencies, or airport visits.

I do hope these tips help you maximize your smartphone battery and keep your phone for as long as possible.

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