Top 5 Countries I would Love to visit in the next 365 Days


It’s dreaming time again!

Years ago while still growing up, I remember having dreams of me traveling to beautiful cities in distant foreign lands, going on train rides, playing golf and having fun.

I held these dreams so dear until they began to happen
in my reality. Just the other day, coming back home on a road trip I was reading a travel magazine on the bus and saw an article about a particular African country I had heard of, but had not had much interest in.

To say I was inspired to dream of visiting the country is an understatement. I began researching more about this particular country. It comes tops on the list of the Top 5 Countries I would love to visit in the next 365 days yea.

#5 Ethiopia:     Last on my list but in no way the least is Ethiopia. The African country that was not colonized and has its own calendar. They just said “Happy New Year” into their own 2007 on the 11th of September 2014! Weird if you ask me.

Ethiopia is rich in Gold and other precious metals, wildlife, and cattle. Interestingly, I have two friends and former colleagues who are Ethiopians that I would love to meet when I get to Ethiopia!

#4 Australia: Reputed as the only nation to govern an entire continent, Australia is the 6th largest nation in the world. It is also the driest inhabited continent on earth.

However, is blessed with physical resources like natural Gas, Coal, Iron ore, Gold and also boasts huge exports of Agricultural produce–particularly wheat and wool.

Australia has several vibrant big cities and a very robust economy. An ideal travel destination for business if you ask me.

#3 Norway:      Also known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, Norway experiences 24 hours of daylight during the summer season – who wouldn’t love too experience that!

Norway has several Ancient Museums, Sleigh rides, Wildlife Parks and Safari. The country is also a very financially buoyant nation in the world with the largest National Financial Reserve. It is also a beautiful county with lots of amazing places to visit.

#2 Seychelles:     Seychelles is also another island nation on the coast of Africa with over 100 interconnected islands! Amazing!

I learnt they grant citizenship if you pay a fee of $25,000 (equivalent of N 4,125,000), and also grant diplomatic immunity if you invest no less than $10 million in the country. Sounds like a safe haven for international Big thieves as well as for genuine investors. 

I would love to explore all the over 100 breathe-taking islands and beaches and perhaps someday own them.

#1 Mauritius:      Mauritius is an island nation situated in the Indian Ocean on the south-eastern coast of Africa. It is well known for its beautiful beaches, white sands, crystal blue lagoons and awesome natural scenic surroundings. Some see it as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world *hint**hint*.

I would love to visit this country and experience its natural beauty, explore it’s beaches – something I Have not had the privilege to in my own country, connect with my inner being and most importantly unwind.

This tops my list because I’m aware it has some of the most exciting and diverse water sporting activities as well as countless romantic locations.

There you have it! my Top 5 travel destinations in 365 days! 

Share your own dreams, what's your's?

Written by Precious Nwanganga  © 2014

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