#Lindagate Linda Ikeji Returns! The inside story & 7 Lessons to learn

A few days ago, the entire blogosphere and social media was flooded with news about the taking down of popupar female blogger, Linda Ikeji's blog (www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com)

The blog was taken down by Google after
allegations of plagiarism and intellectual property infringement filed to Google by one Mr Aye Dee (@AyeDee).

Personally, I felt sympathy for Linda considering the fact that she was losing her major source of revenue which is reported to run into hundreds of millions.

 In a few hours, I began seeing a rather annoying trend  on my timeline on twitter, almost eveyone was tweeting about Linda's misfortune! Including all the thousands of other "copy copy" bloggers who have survived blogging by copying Linda's copied posts themselves!

I was sorely pissed! What hypocrisy! Pots calling kettle black. We all know that most gossip and entertainment gist bloggers thrive by copying and pasting popular and trending stories from popular blogs like Linda's blog.

Just about an hour ago, I was more than elated to go on twitter and find Linda announcing that she now has  a new blog!

See tweets below...

Linda's new blog is now www.lindaikejionline.com She took some time to explain firsthand her own side of the story concerning the saga that has become known as "Lindagate".

See screenshot from Linda's new blog...

She has taken a lot of time to painstakingly reveal the real story behind the whole mess.

 It turns out that the so-called Mr Aye Dee was her long forgotten friend and online confidant in her early days of blogging. The man had gotten jealous over Linda's success and seemingly forgetting him - her very helpful online friend.

 Click HERE  to read full story.

As the saga happened, Linda had temporarily moved her blog to lindaikeji.mobi as seen below...


So many lessons I have derived from this:

 1. Never neglect/ignore the friends who helped you to succeed.

2. Guard your secrets jealously

 3. Always always acknowledge, give credit when it is due.

4. Always be on the right side of the law.

 5. Admit and Apologize when you make a mistake.

6. Never give up on what you strongly believe iin

 ...and a whole lot more I could write a book about.

I sincerely hope

(as well as all copy copy bloggers) have learnt lessons from this entire episode, and would going forward act differently in their blogging activities.

Like I said in a previous post on this blog about Linda , I admire her courage and perseverance, but i sincerely hope and believe she has learnt from this and will definitely do much better this time.

I too have made a few mistakes like she hhas using pictures from Google and some other sites without acknowledging, most times out of ooversight, but have learnt enough to act better going forward.

In all, I think this will surely birth a new era on the Nigerian blogging space.

 Image credits: @lindaikeji, www.lindaikejionline.com, lindaikeji.mobi

Written by Precious Nwanganga

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