Half Full or Half Empty: How Do You See Your Glass?


Its 2016! Happy New Year!  The frenzy and excitement about the new year is over (except you are living in a world of fantasy, and probably not in Nigeria).

I guess most of us started the year all revved up and excited about the prospects in this year. Fact is, nothing really has changed. We just turned over from night (31st December 2015) to day (1st January 2016) like any other morning. We still have 24 hours (not 30), 52 Weeks, just the luxury of the addition of an arbitrary extra day making it 366 days this year. Sorry to burst your bubble.

A lot of folks are scared as hell about the economic situation of the country, the safety of their jobs, businesses and means of livelihood, etc. For real, things are not looking good economically, but I'll tell you what, this year 2016, is as a glass with some water in it. How the year will turn out for you will be critically dependent on your perspective - how you think, what you see, feel/perceive, and your consequent actions/inactions.

Like the proverbial glass, it's either you see it as half-empty or half-full. For instance, with the Naira exchanging at around N300+ to the US Dollar, its really bad for import-based businesses; but for a smart person in the diaspora, it's a great window of opportunity to purchase real estate, investment properties, industrial raw materials, etc from Nigeria at a "huge discount" since such international transactions are denominated in Dollars. As the Federal Government groans under the pangs of ultra low Crude Oil prices, countries that depend on crude/refined pertoleum product imports are thanking God for the massive fall and praying it keeps going down.

I read a story a few days ago about Innoson Vehicle Motors (Nigeria's only indigenous vehicle manufacturer) laying off thousands of Workers due to low patronage and harsh economic conditions and I felt really sad. In my opinion, Innoson should seize this moment to focus on exporting their vehicles now the Naira is low rather than depending on Government patronage. It's sad that most Nigerian businesses inadvertently operate with the mindset that to succeeed, one must do business with government and have government contracts. Sad!

Rather than live in fear, whine and complain, hoard and act like chickens afraid of the hawk, let's think and act differently like the eagle that rises above the storms and clouds when it rains. It doesnt matter if you've made mistakes, made losses, lost time, lost relationships, you can see all of that as a learning experience God put you through to know what not to do, how not to be, how best to run your business and make wiser financial decisions going forward. I like that verse of Scripture that says "I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit..." Isaiah 48:17 ESV
Anyways, as I said, it's all about your perspective this year. Personally I'm staying attuned to Wisdom Station and my perspective is not circumstance-based and I'm confident by God, it will be my best year yet! It's 19 days gone, but we've still got 347 to go. Let's make it awesome!

To your success this year!

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