Grateful for Another Year...


It was a beautiful monday morning many years ago in the City of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the atmosphere was bright, the day was about to begin to profit, and a star was born!

Yes! I turned a year older just a few days ago, 27th precisely. I've got a lot to be grateful for and I'm still counting.

I finally squared up and stood in front of the camera after so many years, and I did a photo shoot! Yippee!

See some of my pix...

Casual look...

Pmoney means Business!


Calm... Boss

He laughs @#$$%%*

I dress traditionally sometimes... *tongue out*

Excited about my future!
Sometimes we can become so ungrateful in life, not seeing how much God has blessed us, but rather choosing to look at all that we do not yet have, our flaws, our mistakes and our past.

There is a lot in store that God put inside of every one of us! We are mightier than we think or look!

Happy 29th Birthday to me! We are making it real!

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