AKoin: Singer Akon's "Wakanda" Crypto City In Africa

Grammy Award winning Senegalese singer and entrepreneur Akon is launching his very own Cryptocurrency which will power his Wakanda-like, futuristic Cryprocity, AKoin.

For those not too familiar with tech jargon, AKoin is a new cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology which will power the unique, Wakanda style Akon Crypto City known as the AKoin Ecosystem.

The multi-platinum selling artist, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Akon is not new to game-changing ideas.

He is the brains behind the transformational power project Akon Lighting Africa which has provided over 1,200 micro solar grids, 100,000 solar street lamps as well as 102,000 domestic solar kits to communities across 18 countries in Africa.

Whats The Fuss About AKoin?

True to being a kind of real life Wakanda, AKoin is set to be a one-of-a-kind digital city in the West African country, Senegal that will provide platforms and experiences that enable entrepreneurs as well as consumers to exchange goods and services using cryptocurrency right from their smartphone through a suite of blockchain-powered apps.

The futuristic city is located on a 2,000 acre estate just a short drive away from the country's capital, Dakar and barely 5 minutes from the new Dakar International Airport.

AKoin Crypto city which is already in development will feature futuristic and science-fiction based architectural and planning designs; essential Government, Educational and Health services; Infrastructure - including WiFi, Solar Power, Land and Technology; Financial services covering credit facilities, micro as well as peer-to-peer lending; Professional Services including freelancing, uber-like economy and crypto based jobs; Content and Marketing Services covering music, video and advertising; all of these backed by the cryptocurrency base.

How Will It Work?

Being a digital/shared economy-based system, the project started as a pilot in March 2018 with the launch of AKoin, the digital wallet/currency powering the city.

The first phase will see platform release on mobile phones as well as the launch of 3 DApps (crypto apps), and the AKoin card utility launch enabling cash in/out transactions.

This will be followed by city-wide integration with buildings, businesses and the entire city framework taking place while AKoin branded crypto ATMs begin operation running from September 2018 till December 2019.

After which, the currency will expand globally with particular focus on developing countries with opportunities for business/vendor expansion.

Wakanda and AKoin Crypto City

For those wondering how "futuristic" the city will be, the movie Black Panther gives a clue as to what technologies and architectural designs might be expected.

Image Source: http://www.awardscircuit.com

Akon Crypto City is a mixed use master-planned city, which features all city essentials you can think of, from residential to retail complexes, city parks, a stadium, light manufacturing outfits, universities, and schools.

AKoin's real life Wakanda, with its opportunities for businesses, brands and high-profile individuals to create amazing, inclusive experiences in a futuristic environment similar to those in science fiction movies, looks to being the technology jewel and truly digital city on the African continent.

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