About Precious Nwanganga

About Precious Nwanganga

Precious Nwanganga

Hi there! 

Thanks for visiting my blog and wanting to know more about me. I'm a multifaceted personality with a deep passion for healthcare, med-tech and life saving solutions. 

I'm also tech savvy and love to blog tweet, and share my thoughts on burning issues around healthcare, medical devices, technology, digital media, politics and social justice. 


I currently work as a Sales Specialist responsible for the General Medicine and Emergency Medical Equipment portfolio with JNC International Ltd. My work involves offering the right solutions to general practitioners, cardiologists, intensivists, obstetricians, gynaecologists, surgeons, etc.


I was born in Port Harcourt and grew up in Calabar for about 25 years of my life before moving over to Enugu in 2014, and then eventually Lagos Nigeria in 2016. I consider myself an ambivert - when I'm at home, I'm either reading a book, drafting an article or linkedin post, or researching on something that intrigues me; when I'm outside, I'm the happy-go-lucky, friendly, conversationalist who likes to make friends and connect with new people.  introverted by nature but do not find it hard to hold a good conversation. I grew up reading magazines, newspapers, books and appreciating art.


I recently completed my MBA at Nexford University, Washington DC in November 2020. I studied Medical Biochemistry at the University of Calabar. While in Secondary School, some of my favorite subjects were Further Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology.


As a kid, I grew up seeing people I knew suffer needlessly under health challenges and knew that I had to do something by contributing solutions to healthcare challenges in Nigeria. This passion moved me to start my career in healthcare as a Medical Sales Representative with Johnson and Johnson (ETHICON) in 2012. Since then, I  haven't looked back, Professionally, I have been selling and marketing medical equipment solutions for over 7 years now and I'm still loving it! Doing this gives me that sense of fulfilment that I am contributing positively to the improvement of healthcare in Nigeria with the solutions I provide. Perhaps someday in the near future, it will be my own solution.


I have always been a technology buff and loved everything gadgets and tech since I could read. In 2010, My friend Nchewi and I published a tabloid focused on tech, entertainment and lifestyle tagged "Urban Weekly". Since then, I moved on to start this blog, and have worked as a part-time or freelance content writer for top platforms like BuzzNigeria, TechBuild.Africa (formerly CFAmedia.ng), MoboMedix, and Technocentricty Ventures. My hope and vision over the next decade is to eventually fuse my expertise, knowledge, experience, and skills in healthcare and technology together to add value and birth value-adding products/services for the benefit of humanity.


I love reading a good book/article or relaxing with a really good movie. I also like taking long walks. I enjoy going out for karaoke, or drinking out with friends. I also like playing Scrabble, Chess, and Monopoly. I am keenly interested in Politics, Economics and History, and love conversing with people who also are  or are knowledgeable in these.

In 2015, with the help of Ajumoke Nwaeze, I authored my first Children's Book Best Brain of the Year. Writing and technology allow me to create and express my thoughts - which is something very important to me.

I also enjoy cooking a good meal when I have the time, and pick the ingredients myself.

Curious to know my work profile, do check out my LinkedIn Profile, and please review my author profile on ClearVoice.


To get in touch with me, please visit my Contact Page.

Your Buddy,

Precious Nwanganga