How To Manage Distracting Notifications On WhatsApp

WhatsApp as with a lot of other social media applications on our mobile devices, can be very distracting if not well managed.

Although it is a very useful tool both for private messaging, social sharing, as well as business interactions, WhatsApp notifications can become a huge source of distraction and quite interruptive.

In order to reduce the distractions and restrict interruptions, there are ways to manage your WhatsApp notifications intelligently.

Managing Individual Chat Notifications

For some persons, apart from sending normal one-on-one chat messages, they do send a lot of spammy broadcast messages which can be quite annoying.

To restrict such a distracting individual's chat notifications, simply press and hold the chat with that contact, on the pop-up menu that shows, select "Mute Notifications".

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You can then select for how long you want to keep notifications from this user muted - one day, one week, one month, or one year.

Managing Group Chat Notifications

Most users of WhatsApp, apart from individual chats, tend to belong to several chat groups that are of interest to them.

Messages from these different chats groups can be a major distraction and battery drainer.

The best way to limit the distractions from the multiple WhatsApp groups you belong to on your phone is to manage their notifications.

Simply select the particular group of which you wish to manage notifications, and navigate to the "Group Information" button.

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Then click on the "Mute Notification" option.

Next, choose the option for how long you want to keep notifications from this group muted - one day, one week, one month, or one year.

Manage Status Notifications

WhatsApp statuses have become quite the thing these days, in the manner of SnapChat statuses.

Apart from being a way of updating our favorite images, videos and text moments or thoughts, it has also become a very useful publicity and lead generation tool.

However, it does have its down side and can become pretty much a distraction, particularly from contacts who post multiple or offensive content on their status.

To manage status notifications of any of your contacts, you can do this when that contact posts a text, image or video on their status.

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Simply navigate to the status notification page of your WhatsApp, then scroll to the particular user's status update.

Rather than click to view the status update, simply press and hold the status message for a second.

A pop-up message will display prompting you to mute that contact's status update or cancel.

Select mute. Once done, you will no longer see status updates from that contact on your status notifications page.

Hope you find these steps helpful in managing your WhatsApp notifications and minimizing distractions.

If this article was helpful, please share so others can benefit. Know any other tricks to manage distractions on whatsapp? You can add your tips in the comments.


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