Dear Inspirational/Urban/Gospel Artiste


I don't know how often you watch music channels around here but I do, mostly when I'm surfing. The situation has become more desperate than it ever was. Music Directors have become bolder, more brazen; sooner or later, we just might begin to see naked bodies on our screens.

If anyone else is not worried, I am. The thread that holds our moral fabric together is on its last leg. And this is where I think you 'guys' come in. You are a different breed, singing a different tune in a society where we are constantly bombarded with intelligence-erasing music. Frankly, you are swimming against the tide and must do twice the work to steer us back on track; to redefine what is right, popular, normal, acceptable.

So I'm sitting here wondering, what exactly is going through your mind when you sing like that? ...When you shoot those videos that just make me cover my eyes with my entire arm? If you want to position yourself as a worthy alternative to the decay that is currently mainstream music, then you're going to have to do way better. Music is a universal language. Cinematography and good directing are interpreted the same way the world over. Stop churning out all those sub-standard material that only sell within the family, friends and churches. If your music is so poor it can't sit on the same shelf with Lady Gaga's, you're doing God a disservice.

If you voice quakes when you sing don't mistake it for anointing, it simply means you need voice training; get a coach. If you can't write songs don't touch it; find a song writer. Trust me, they exist; I've seen a couple. It's okay if Clarence Peters directs your videos, you don't have to look for a born-again crew to direct your born-again music video to be sold to friends, family and churches. The people who need to hear what you have to say are not necessarily within the confines of an RCCG branch, so they will judge your material with standards they are used to and boy, your CD will grow moulds at the rate you're going.

Excellent and expensive don't always go hand in hand. There are creative ways to work within a budget. Find those who can make it happen. Your genre is not a license to be mediocre. Put your best foot forward. Always...Enough said!

P.s - And to those who have raised the bar, thanks. Keep the flag flying.


©Naomi Lucas

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