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It's a Season of LOVE, Caring and Sharing. For the purpose of this season, I'll tag this "Christmas Tips".
As much as it is a season of showing love to friends & family, it's also a season to show love to strangers too!

For a lot of folks, the meaning & reason for the season has been turned completely upside down.
Many people see Christmas as a Season to binge on alcohol, get drunk, smoke weed, get high, have sex, do stupid things.

 A lot of people waste their money on frivolous, extravagant, unnecessary expenses. Since it's Christmas, they give themselves the excuse that "it's OK to spend the money"! That after a whole long year, they deserve to spend something on themselves. They deserve to indulge. This indulgence usually breaks the bank. But as they say, "it's OK to spend".
When January hits, reality sets in! That long dreaded month. Especially for civil servants & employees. Most December wasteful spenders are usually broke in January. Some even get into debt.

After the "December Rush" comes the "January Reality". People snap back to reality, when they realize they are in debt or have spent their whole salary before January even hit.
Here's a lil advice to you my friend. Spend wisely in December, for January is a very loooong month. You don't want to be caught flat broke before the 30th right?


If you are afraid you can't trust yourself, put your ATM away where you can't reach it.
Separate the "spendable money" from the "reserve/rainy-day money". Don't spend everything!

Give gifts, share love, have fun, drive carefully, drink responsibly, but most of all, remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas & a Prosperous 2014 from your Friend, Pmoney! *wink*

© Precious Nwanganga aka P-money

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