5 Steps to Landing Yourself a Better Job


It's the beginning of the year and I'm quite sure that for a lot of people, getting a new or better job might be one of their top goals to achieve.
In order to help make this goal possible, let me share 5 simple steps that would most definitely bring you closer to the realization of your goal. If landing a better job is top on your agenda this year, then you should read this:

 1. Signal Your value:
In prospecting for a better job, it is important that you signal your value to your prospective employers. No one truly knows what and how much you know or how competent you are at a particular task until you notify them or demonstrate your ability. This is why you should not neglect Internet Job Boards; Communicate you proficiency and desired position to your boss or prospective employer.
2. Search Wide:

When searching for a job, its always advisable to search as wide as possible; within and outside your current field, location, organization, industry or sector. The wider you search, the more likely you are going to come across an opening that suits your desires, skill-set or qualifications. Use the internet, social media, prospective employer websites, recruitment agencies, etc, whatever will guarantee that your search lands you your desired job.

3. Be Exceptional on your current job:
Another way you can secure yourself a better job is by simply being exceptional on your current job. When you are exceptional on your current job, your value to your employer increases and you are more likely to be considered for or rewarded with a higher role/responsibility. Even competitors to your current organization are more likely to consider hiring you as you would be perceived as a very valuable asset.
4. Connect:
As much as possible, when prospecting for a better job, you would need to connect with more and more people. You should get out there more. Attend award ceremonies, dinners. galas, cocktails, banquets, parties, and other professional, formal, semi-formal and informal social gatherings in order to meet with prospective employers or professionals in related field who could link you with your desired employer. You can also make use of social media in connecting with prospective employers-as long as you do not seem threatening or too forward.
5. Improve yourself:

If you are desirous of a better job, another sure way of get yourself hooked up is by acquiring the requisite knowledge, skills, education and training required for the role, position or job that you seek. If you have to, enroll for that training course, get that Masters, PhD or MBA degree. Whatever you need to do to improve yourself that would position you rightly for that desired position/job, be willing to do it.

These steps are not in any way exhaustive, but I'm sure that if you take them, you are  more likely to land yourself that better job that you desire.

Wishing you all the best in your career. 

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