Introducing New Smart Bra That Will Only Unhook Itself For True Love


Everyone laughed last year when Microsoft announced plans to release a “smart bra” that would detect emotions. Now, though, the mecha-bras are upon us, and we’ve got Japan—who else?—to thank.

Dubbed the “True Love Tester,” Japan’s first foray into the budding smart bra industry comes from Ravijour.

What makes it “smart” is that the manufacturers claim that the bra will only unclasp itself for true love—which sensors measure through heart rate and other factors over a predetermined amount of time. So, basically, it detects “love” in the physiological sense, which often is mistaken for “being Hot.”

Still, though, Ravijour remains confident in their product, which works in conjunction with a smart phone app to analyze your levels before unlocking your bra—or not. The goal, of course, is to keep the riff-raff out with the help of a finely tuned, digital wingman that under no circumstances will allow any usurpers to the True Love throne through. Unless, you know, you do some jumping jacks first.

The question remains, though: How exactly do you remove the True Love Tester when you’re not, erm, trying to “find true love”? Ravijour doesn’t seem to be worried about that, given that they haven’t highlighted a “self-removal” option in all their advertising. So, as it stands now, it looks like you might need a man to help with this one. In which case, we’re all doomed.

But, then, the investors of the smart bra—both men—probably don’t mind.

I can imagine Nigerian men cringing if the ladies begin putting this on...


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