On Flight AJ 174 to Lagos...


It has been quite a while, I haven’t journeyed by air. I love travelling, and I most especially relish my trips by air than by any other medium. Road trips used to be my favourite, but driving through the good, the not-so-good, and the really bad roads of South-South and South-Eastern Nigeria, can be so tiring, fun-sapping and frustrating, you wouldn’t want to make another trip by road.

On this particular trip,
I am not much excited as I always am whenever I fly. I am scheduled to be in some meetings for a couple of days, and I feel a bit relieved with the opportunity to fly again, and have my usual, ritual-like sort of, air-borne conversation with God while on board the plane.

 I can’t quite tell why I am not so excited. Is it my business concerns; my work issues; my relationships or my family that give me cause for concern? I am not quite sure, but I know my gut doesn’t exactly feel right about something.

Yea, I have been through some experiences not long ago of which I am just recovering from that have left some lasting impressions on my mind and also taught me some vital lessons.

As I am on this flight to Lagos, that I begin to reminisce on the lessons I had learnt through these experiences. The lessons I learnt have compelled me to redefine certain things, priorities and values about my life. I sum them up with three words: Love, Wealth, Family.

While sitting on my seat and listening as the airplane’s engines whirl as we cut through air and mass of clouds, the lessons play back in my mind. These are my lessons:


Love is not when two people are emotionally entangled, they bask in euphoria, touch, kiss and engross  themselves in each other’s bodies they eventually lose control of their senses in that brief moment of ecstasy. Love is not a feeling, a person, an activity or even an emotion.

Love rather is when we pray together, play together, learn together, sing together, work together, converse, plan & dream together of a better preferred future. Love is when we shift focus from “me” and “us” to focus on “you” and “them”, from personal interest to the greater good. Love is a disposition. Love is peace with God and men.


Wealth is not when we have piles of cash that we know not what to spend on. Wealth is not having enough to afford the luxuries of life, spend lavishly on wine, women and parties, justifying our soul with the craving of its senses.

Wealth rather is when our work is our passion and our passion drives us to work. Wealth is when we have made our mark indelible in time, lives and history for the good we did on earth while we had control of time space and matter.

Wealth is not needing money but having money to solve problems and get things done. Wealth is when we have good health–physical, emotional, psychological & most importantly spiritual.


Family is not that circle or group of people that we sometimes regrettably find ourselves bonded to inseparably without our consent or approval. It is not that lineage we so sacredly hold and bear allegiance to only for the sake of “blood”, “name”, “tribe”, “race” or “heritage”.

Family is that bond that brings people together, that essence between friends that makes friendships meaningful. Family is that union that we come alive to and stay connected in not just for our good, but for the greater good.

Family is the playground for bonding, the bedrock of friendships, the pillar of love.

All in all, I see that they are all connected. Love, Wealth, Family and Life itself.

I reset my priorities knowing what matters and what doesn’t, what counts and what doesn’t, what is ephemeral and what stands the test of time. My gut feeling seems to have altered if only slightly...

As I finish scribbling down my thoughts and taking mental notes, I hear the Flight Attendant’s warning call, alerting us to “ fasten our seatbelts and prepare for landing”. The warning lights go off. Everyone takes Landing Position.  We touchdown the City of Lagos! Swoosh!

© Precious Nwanganga 2014

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