Letter To Women: Belly Fat syndrome


Dear women,

Gone are the days when being fat with well rounded tummy was an evidence of good food and a wealthy husband. Now being healthy with flat tummy is the new sexy. Every modern lady needs to be aware of the size of her tummy, and make sure it does not bulge out
except when expecting a baby.

Belly fat can be so embarrassing especially when a lady has an unexpected need to take off her clothes in public. Belly fat gets really irritating when combined with body fat, and trust us guys, we like our ladies even when full-figured to have flat tummies, because it has a way of arousing interest easily.
From young girls embarrassed of their small muffin tops to women trying to take off a hundred pounds of excess fat, belly fat is one health problem that affects all age groups and races.

If you're ready to defeat that large tummy of yours, the first step forward is to fully understand what causes your body to store fat along the center of your body. Then you can attack those “fattening enemies” head on.

What exactly causes belly fat syndrome?

A number of factors are responsible for developing belly fat (which has been observed to be increasingly prevalent in men too!) including genetic predisposition. However, generally these ones top the chart and are the most common causes of bulging stomach.

Top Causes of Belly Fat

·         Eating Late night meals: Eating heavy meals beyond 7pm does not give your body enough time to digest the food before you go to bed. The undigested remnant comes together to form belly fat over time. If you must eat after 7pm, do fruits and drink plenty of water.

·         Wrong food choices: Taking too much carbohydrates, saturated fat, sugar, and refined carbohydrates without supplementing with other classes of food is not healthy for the stomach.

·         Chewing gum: Research has shown that chewing gum makes you swallow a lot of air, which inflates the belly until it is expelled. Chew less gum.

·         Not Moving Enough: Sitting at a place/staying inactive for hours every day could be a leading factor in your belly fat gain. The female body is designed for movement and is quite strong and powerful when fully utilized. Lots of women both at work and at home sit all day like literal sitting ducks and expect to stay trim and look sexy. Duh!

·         Lack of exercise: Most women want to look like Lupita N'yongo but they don't want to exercise. Your fatigued body will definitely store fat if not exercised. Get to the gym, work out, skip, jog, hula-hoop! Move some muscle baby!

·         Not watching what you take in: One leading cause of female belly fat is excessive and/or routine consumption of alcohol (beer). This has little/no nutritional value to your body and can make you crave more food thus making your midriff grow wider and wider.

·         Fear of becoming muscular: Some women think achieving flat tummy through exercise would make them muscular like men. The problem with this thinking is that you actually need muscle mass to burn maximum calories each day and fight belly fat.

·         Hormonal fluctuations: With age, hormonal changes can contribute to belly fat gain. Stress hormones are a leading contributor to excessive belly fat as well.

·         Too much Sex: Unbelievable but yea! Sex inflates the female tummy. Just like a flat tire is inflated by air pumping, the female stomach receives air as the man pumps in and out, of course this eventually leads to having a bulging stomach.
As harmless as belly fat looks it is unhealthy and should be gotten rid of immediately. You don’t want your man looking out for them fit, trim, shapely Serena Williams type of girls right?  When you make the available become undesirable, some men somehow make the desirable become available! *tongue out*

Stop wishing you could burn
that belly fat, EXERCISE!

You do not have to starve yourself, but you should watch what you eat. Exercise daily, cut down on alcohol intake, cut down on the sex (yes you heard me!), and try to remain active. Research has shown that women who exercise often have a healthier esteem than women who don't.

Always remember that the beheld needs to be constantly fit and trim to keep the beholder happy and proud. *wink*

Yours Sincerely


Written by Precious Nwanganga © 2014
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