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"Insurance is peace of mind"-Robert Kiyosaki

I came across this quote several years ago, but never really understood the depth of it...until something happened. They say..."You buy insurance when you don't need it, hoping you never need it"

In life, there are a lot of simple, little things which we take for granted that are really very powerful.

Imagine what life would be like without a little insurance? Now I'm not trying 2 sell you some insurance policy (wouldn't mind if an insurance company sponsors this though *wink*), just get my drift.

Have you ever had that feeling where you felt something was going to happen and made provison for eventualities? Most times, its not even that something bad happens, its just the fact that we did something in advance to prevent it from happening.

I'd highlight some examples of simple things we do to insure ourselves from the negative things of life:

#1 Immunizing your baby at birth and as s/he grows. This practice saves the life of the child and also ensures s/he stays healthy while growing up.

#2 Setting aside some money as an emergency fund. Nobody prays for bad things to happen. But when they do, if you have no extra money saved up, it can become extremely challenging raising money to pay emergency bills.

#3 Putting on your seatbelt while driving. A lot of Nigerians wear their seatbelts only so they don't get caught on the wrong side of the law by a road safety official, others only do so few meters away from them to escape impounding. Fact is, putting on ur seatbelt while driving is for your own good and safety. I can't say how this simple safety tip has saved lives-including mine.

#4 Installing an Antivirus software on your computer or mobile device. A lot of us use computers, smartphones and mobile devices that have antivirus softwares installed on them. Some were pre-installed right from the manufacturers. Why is this so important? Some people may think that Antivirus programs are really not necessary on your computer, but the second you turn them off or uninstall them, you realize just how important they are in keeping your computer safe. Yet we do take these sofwares for granted a lot of times, not knowing how vital they are to the health and maintenance of our computers. This is a form of insurance against cyber attack, malware, spamming, phishing and all manner of virus programs
#5 Buying an insurance policy. Bad things do happen in life-fire outbreaks, car crashes, loved ones passing on. With insurance in place, you can expect that the negatuve effect of life's challenges would be cushioned. This is what makes insurance great! A lot of us don't value insurance, some see it as a necessary burden. It doesn't have to be that way. Imagine if your car crashed, and your insurance company helped you fix it? Imagine your building got burnt, and they helped you fix it? Wouldn’t that be one huge relief from life’s troubles!

Don't be a person who doesn't prepare for the rainy day and never insures himself against the eventualities of life. Strap your seatbelt, install an eztinguisher, get insured! Save your life, save your money!
Written by Precious Nwanganga © 2014
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