Change: The Power of a #Hashtag


Our world today has changed tremendously over the past few years, with the emergence of social media as a major frontier.

Change itself has been changed. Impact has been redefined. Today, we don’t need to be military powers, political leaders, scientists or even religious gurus to effect change in this world.
A symbol known previously as a hash, renamed by blogger Stowe Boyd to what we now call the “Hash Tag” has unleashed so much power unimaginable by any media in the past decade.

2011 Time Person of the year, “The Protester”, a rather weird and unexpected personality, came alive as a result of a hashtag that started a twitter campaign in the Arab spring and the horn of Africa, which led to massive change movements in governments, society and world politics.

From protests to alerting the world about wild fires in San Diego, California (#sandiegofires), to the #Kony2012 campaign, and the more recent #BringBackOurGirls campaign.

The #BringBackOurGirls Movement, being a firm testament to the fact that social media is indeed powerful and a clear example of how the hash tag can make a huge difference.

All of these hash tags have generated so much publicity, following and public empathy for the causes which they represented. Some of them were started by some rather unknown persons, but the change they have caused and impact they have created will last a lifetime.

As a Nigerian, most times when we thing about change, we think about running for political office, or becoming a pastor or imam. Fact is, we don’t need to be all that to cause change in today’s world! Thanks to the hashtag, you and I can sit right there in our homes or offices and cause change that resonates even in the White House!

Gladly the hashtag is also useful on facebook as well as some other social media and even chat applications and not just twitter.  So our influence can spread astronomically within minutes!

Don’t wait until you get elected into political office, run a church or mosque, or start an NGO. Whatever it is you may be waiting for, right now, right where you are, you can begin the change you desire in the world from your little cozy cubicle!

The world is waiting and you are just a hashtag away…

In other News… [EBOLA UPDATE]
Meanwhile, skeptics and critics have already begun discrediting the recently reported possible Ebola cure discovered by former INEC Chairman, Prof Maurice Iwu.

Na because say no be “Onye Ocha” na him make Oyibo and even bad belle “fellow Nigerians” no go gree say him get the cure. I digress.

Anyways, Dr Iwu’s research shows hopes of a possible Ebola virus cure with the help of our very own, good old Kolanut fruit.

As for me, I’ve stashed up some Kola, gotten Bleach,Sanitizers and gloves battle ready! *wink*

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Say NO to Ebola!  #StopEbola! #PmoneyTalks

Written by Precious Nwanganga       © 2014

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