7 Tips to Help You Have a Stress-free Life

  In our ever busy, sometimes crazy and in extreme instances, even depressing world, we sometimes find ourselves pressured
by cares, worries fears, work, chores, bills, everything! Some of us do a better job at concealing the inner struggles and troubles they go through on a daily basis, while some others cry out, run mad or commit suicide.

To help me go through my day, I do a few things– which

I suggest you do also–that help me keep my sanity and end my day well.

1. Take a break:        It’s very easy to get so consumed with work and sometimes even take work home that we hardly have time for anything else. Cut the chase and take a break! Don’t wait until your annual vacation or when you eventually break down.

2. Worry and Complain Less:         We worry about so many things in life – our jobs, our lives, our family, retirement, accidents, getting fired, Boko Haram attacking and even contracting Ebola. But truth be told, most of the things we worry about never ever get to happen. The more you complain and gripe about your problems, the more your blood pressure rises and the more the problem worsens. So, worry less about things you cannot change and have no control over.

3. Listen to Soothing Music:         This is one thing I do consistently, even when I’m in an A-Ok mood and everything is going fine. Soothing music research shows, eases the tension you feel when stressed up and reduces your blood pressure. Press play!

4. Read/Write a Book/Journal:         In that moment when you feel so tensed or miffed you just want to lash out at that lousy driver on the highway, that nagging neighbor blaring loud music, that friend who’s owing you money but refuses to take your call, and all the boiling frustrations, what better way to ease off all that energy than to convert them to creative thought. Write a journal, pen your thoughts. It can be amazingly relieving writing down the thoughts that go through your mind in that moment of rage, frustration or despair. Write!

5. Exercise:         Working out not only tones your muscles but also tunes up your mind. After a good workout and exercise routine, your body pumps more activity hormones which help to relieve stress and ease the tensions you may have been feeling after a bad day at work. Work out!

6. Travel:         Another activity that does help one stay sharp and refresh easily is travelling. It may not be a trip to a distant Island country thousands of miles away, or to some idyllic holiday destination that costs a fortune. Rather, it could just be a trip to a different city not far from where you stay. This helps you “reset” and rethink. Whenever I take a trip to refresh, I always come away with fresh ideas, strategies and get re-energized to do what I gotta do. Travel!

7. Pray:        Most times we get overwhelmed by life’s challenges and complexities that we sometimes feel incapable of handling them. What more can we do after doing our best than hand everything over to a Power higher than ourselves. Prayer doesn’t only connect us with God, but also provides psychological relief from the cares of everyday life. Pray!

My list is just seven and definitely not exhaustive, you could do so much more to make your life less stressful and more exciting.

Do have a superb weekend!

Written by Precious Nwanganga  © 2014

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