#Guys, Would You Sell Your Sperm to Make Money if Flat Broke? Plus #7 Crazy Ideas to Make Cash

What would you do to make money and survive if you were flat broke?

I thought about this a while ago and some weird and amazingly creative ideas came to my mind!

ADVANCE WARNING: Some of the ideas I would be sharing might sound outlandish and crazy! But, trust me, they are all perfectly legal stuff - depending on the laws where you live.

Ok, let's get into it...

1. Sell Your Body Parts: Blood, Sperm, Hair, Breast Milk, etc:

When hard pressed for cash and dead broke, one thing I know you can do to raise money quick is to sell off some body parts. Hold it! Before you scream "Ritualist"! I'm not suggesting you cut off and sell an arm, a limb or a D -hell no!

I'm saying, you can donate blood, a kidney (if you can survive with only one left), your sperm (if you don't mind having kids across the world having your genes and possibly your face without you knowing them and them knowing you or ever meeting you in life), your hair (if it's Brazilian,Peruvian, Indian and the like), and finally your breast milk. Yea, you heard right - breast milk (sorry ladies).

I read a story not long ago of a guy in America who has become a multimillonaire and philantropist who makes his money selling his sperm which amazingly has rare genes that produce very healthy kids with immunity to certain ailments and conditions. He started his own Sperm Bank and Fertility Clinic and is filthy rich now. You wanna try?...dont say I didnt tell you.

All these things I mentioned, you can sell on the "black market" and raise cash legally. I havent done any myself, but I know a friend or two who have.

2. Offer To Watch Children, Pets, or Baby-sit:

You're out of cash. What do you do? Go across your neighbourhood, nearby streets, your church/mosque, social clubs, etc, ask parents with kids if they would need help babysitting their kids. You could get a babysitting job without much hassle (that is if they know you, trust you or you look nice and believable).

Ok, I know you hate kids-especially the crying and pooing ones-but if you are hard pressed for cash, changing some daiper or babysitting for a few hours wouldnt hurt. You would be amazed how many young, upwardly mobile couples out there are in need of and would appreciate your services. Considering the fact that nannys and babysitters seem to be in short supply these days.

3. Collect Your Change:

This is one thing we do a lot of times without even thinking, or are compelled to by one lousy filling station attendant, market woman, pure water seller, you name it! If you are broke, I'd say it's high time you start collecting your change! You'd be amazed how much money you would have recovered just by ensuring you collect your change.

4. Sell your stuff on Olx.com:

Are you having a hard time selling your wares or stuff you own? Not to worry, olx.com to the rescue! Another good idea is to make use of olx. Olx, a Nigerian Online Ad site has become a great internet site for buying and selling almost anything legal- furniture, cars, bicycles, phones, laptops, house and lands, kitchenwares, art, pets, and whatever. Lots of people use it every day across the country 

Unlike Ebay or Alibaba, Olx only acts to hook you up with the seller; it does not take a role in the transaction. And since most transactions are local, they are done face to face, reducing the chance for fraud or misleading offers. Since the deals are done in person, you get your money immediately, unlike the Ebay process.

Just browse the olx.com.ng website and check for items for sale in your city to get a sense of the going prices for various goods. You may even see items for sale that you never considered turning into cash.

5. Recycle Scrap Metal:

Another way you can get some quick cash is to sell scrap metal to your local salvage yard or scrap metal dealer. Have you ever stopped to think why those guys who push carts loaded with scrap metal never stop? Thats because they earn good money from it!

If you are in dire straits and desperately in need of cash, rather than resort to begging, why not swallow your pride, put on some coveralls and go pick some scrap. You would be amazed the valuable items you might find while scavenging. Your very own backyard is a good place to start. Then pretend to be doing your neighbour a favour by disposing his scrap, next up is your street, and voila! You're making money!

6. Start Your Own Part-Time Business From Home:

For most of us, starting a small business may be one of the last things on our minds when flat broke. But the fact is, most big businesses today started as small businesses run by one man or a few people, before they became so big.

There are a number of things you can do, and i'll mention a few: If you know how to cook, you could start to run a catering business out of your home (but be sure to be on the right side of the law of your state, as in some states preparing food for the public out of your own kitchen can sometimes be against the law); If you can give a good haircut (for guys), or style hair (for ladies), you can start with your family, neighbours and freinds; you could do make-up; laundry (if you are good at washing and ironing), and a lot of other simple things.

The idea is to start with little or no money, no inventory and without needing to rent a space or buy equipment but basically using your skills, talent or knowledge. You can bring in cash quite quickly. No matter what, though, provided you enjoy what you're doing, if you start a business, whether you're successful or not, it's always rewarding.

If you already have a job, you can start any of these on the side and get some extra cash to make up for your income shortfall.

7. Rent Your Car - if you have one:

If you own a car, have you thought about renting out your car? That car is already a huge liability to you, fuelling it every other day without paying you a kobo! Turn that around in a jiffy and rent it out! You could run it yourself as a private taxi/car hire, or you could lease it to someone capable and start counting your cash.

If you are really cash strapped at the moment, you could try any one of these ideas, or better still, come up with yours! I wonder if the ladies would let their men sell off their sperm... (Just thinking)

Anyways, I do hope this helps someone out there who's thinking of what to do to survive the next few days or weeks.

I'd like to know what you'd do if you went flat broke.

Please share your comments below. 


Written by Precious Nwanganga 

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