My Problem with Secretaries!


I walk into the office of this top government official. I have an appointment to meet with him to discuss some important business.

As a matter of procedure, I have to go through his secretary who is his official "gatekeeper".

After introducing myself and my objective, I am asked by this secretary to "sit down and wait for Director".

I sit calmly, flipping through my documents, crosschecking to be sure everything I need for this meeting is intact. Done! I begin browsing through my phone... Read unread BBM messages, check Facebook, send and read a few emails, and finally join the conversation on twitter.

My hope is that, in a few minutes - perhaps 15-20 ( I'm being conservative and patient here) - I'll be called upon to see Mr Director. Minutes turn to an hour, an hour turns to 3 hours, and I'm still waiting!

My patience is spent, my day wasted and my objective for the day not achieved! Meanwhile, I had noticed, while busying on my phone, some colleagues and private visitors of Mr Director had been coming in and going out of the office of Mr Director, without any delay, hindrance or protracted waiting.

I became furious! To cut a long story short, i wasted 4 hours of my very precious time sitting in this office, waiting to see Mr Perm Sec, after travelling over 56 kilometers to see him! This only but deepenend my disdain and (hate) dislike for secretaries.

I'm not saying all secretaries are bad - of course not! But a vast majority of them are irritating! They act like the Biblical Pharisees who act as the proverbial "gatekeepers" to the Kingdom of God, who stand at the gate refusing others entry, while they themselves do not enter. They treat you like crap - until they find out who you are or how important your product/service is to their company/establishment.

This is just one of the many encounters I've had with Secretaries and "P.A.'s" as well as other Secretaries to secretaries and P.A.:s to P.A.'s - crazy! If you're a secretary, I don't hate you, I just hate your attitude!


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