SHIT On Board!


...A True Story

I remember a day few years ago, I was on a bus from Lagos heading to Calabar. It was a long, bumpy and stressful journey. The interesting thing about this particular trip, apart from the fact that it was a day before Christmas Eve,
we were a lively bunch in the bus. Everyone was chatting excitedly about everything as well as their holiday plans and expectations.

As we approached one of the roadside towns, it was late in the evening, and the driver was hasting towards our destination at top gear. We began hearing faint calls for the driver to stop. This was a young boy about 7 years of age. As the driver continued on, the calls began turning to shouts, then screams of "Driver Stop! Driver Stop!", this time with the mother of the boy lending her voice to the screams.

Sadly, the driver refused to stop despite several appeals from some of the other passengers. After a while, the bus went quiet and the boy seemed to have given up on his desire to let go of some desperate, hot fecal matter, otherwise known as SHIT!

It was only a matter of minutes, and we began perceiving some pungent, odoriferous smells emanating somewhere within the bus. Everyone started getting uncomfortable and expressed their displeasure with the smell. Most of us had assumed that perhaps, someone had farted on the bus and in a few minutes, the smell would whiff away as we progressed.

Unfortunately, rather than abating, the smell only got more disturbing, to the point that everyone on the bus could no longer bear the stench, and bullied the driver into submission. He then stopped the bus and parked by the roadside, and began an investigation into the cause of the strange putrid smell.

The driver proceeded to the back of the bus, opened up the boot and...behold! A small pile of shit excrement had been deposited on the floor of the bus at the back row! Good heavens! Who could have done this unthinkable act? The driver lamented! "SHIT Oh!"

It was then it dawned on the driver and the other passengers (except the back row people who were in on the shit conspiracy) that the little boy had been compelled to defecate on the bus since the driver had refused to stop for him to take a shit!

Today is Global Hand washing day!

Always wash your hands. Handwashing with soap helps protect you and your family against deadly diseases.

Washing your hands can prevent illness. Using water alone is not enough. Always use soap to wash hands before and after eating; after shaking hands with people; after working on the farm; after blowing catarrh from your nose; after using the toilet; and after doing anything that involves touching of surfaces or discharge of body fluids in order to help prevent illness.

Stay Healthy!                                  

Happy Global Handwashing Day!

Written by Precious Nwanganga
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