The danger of Lack of Originality and Plagiarism


Today's world is one where you really dont need to invent something entirely new to be famous or successful. You just need to improve upon what has already been invented, and that's it!

Thanks to the inventor of copy and paste, we can simply lift material (including proprietary content and intellectual property) from the internet, CDs, pictures, etc and use them like we are the originators without giving credit to the authors.

Sadly, in the world of blogging where I exist, a lot of us survive entirely on copying and pasting content from other blogger's sites (without acknowledging our sources).

Linda Ikeji is arguably Nigeria's most successful blogger yet, but most of us know she does a lot of copying and pasting of content from several local and international websites - which is unethical, and sadly a lot of other bloggers following after her also do the same thing and copy and paste from Linda.

Linda Ikeji and her fleet of cars

I admire Linda a lot and check her site once in a while to learn a thing or two, but I always avoid that temptation to be sensational and gain page views & comments by doing the copy and paste thingy, running gossips and popular demand stories rather than focus on my blogs own niche.

Ultimately, over the long run, it is the blogs that stay consistent,  original and innovative that will survive the test of time. Sad thing a number of Linda's recent popular posts have been taken down by Google on plagiarism and copyright infringement allegations put forward by another blogger...

See tweets below:...

1/8 Google just notified us that they are removing our copyrighted content from @lindaikeji's website. CC @sugabelly @elnathan

— Mr. Aye Dee (@MrAyeDee) October 3, 2014

3/8 In accordance with our Copyright Complaint procedure, we have completed processing your infringement complaint regarding the following

— Mr. Aye Dee (@MrAyeDee) October 3, 2014

5/8 We appreciate your patience as we work to remove all of the images from our servers. Please note that all cached versions should expire

— Mr. Aye Dee (@MrAyeDee) October 3, 2014

ALL the stories and images @lindaikeji took from me without permission in the last few days have been removed from her site by google.

— Mr. Aye Dee (@MrAyeDee) October 3, 2014

1/9 In fact, it seems Google yanked other copyrighted stories @LindaIkeji stole. From the screencap my guys took before sending DCMA

— Mr. Aye Dee (@MrAyeDee) October 3, 2014

2/9 complaints, and from what I see now, it seems 5 – 7 stories were yanked… For example the one about John Legend's GF… Gone. The story

— Mr. Aye Dee (@MrAyeDee) October 3, 2014

3/9 about an Ebola victim waking up, Gone… At this rate, the whole site might be gone by the end of the coming week.

— Mr. Aye Dee (@MrAyeDee) October 3, 2014

Lesson to learn from this episode:

Whether you are a blogger, author, musical artiste, fashion designer, actor, whatever, be original, focus on your uniqueness and always always give credit to those who help you out along the way.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday!

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  1. am certain lots of gossip bloggers will be smiling at her misfortune. Why shouldn't they? Time 2 fill d vacuum of her exit.. Hope they all learn!


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