Who Will Save Abia?... In Search of a Political Messiah 2015


WARNING: This is NOT a Political Rant!

Who will save Abia State?

As I moved through the streets of Aba, Abia State, I couldnt help but feel ashamed, disgusted and utterly disappointed.

Who lives beside a pile of trash?

Who has to literally swims through a puddle of water to get to work, school, church or back home?

At every major street corner, I see huge billboards and posters praising the "accomplishments" of the government of thedady...I shake my head in disbelief.

Abia state, in my opinion is the least developed state in the entire South-East Nigeria in the past 13 years! There are no roads! All major roads leading into the state are not motorable: Aba-Port Harcourt road, Azumiri-Essien Udim road, Aba, Essien Udim Road, Umuahia-Enugu road, as well as several other inter city roads that are in a horrible state and impassable; the markets (Ariaria) that once were the pride of Africa are now a sore/sorry sight.

I am aware a nnumber of persons have declared their intention to run for governorship of Abia in the forthcoming elections, I have also liatened a few of them speak on the matter... I must say I am NOT impressed. Sadly, I am no Godfather, not a politician and worse yet, just one passionate youth who sees the decay in Abia and desires more...a solution, call it a "political messiah".
    Abia is in dire need of a Leader who has Vision, Capacity, Drive & Desire for Positive Change; one who has a clear-cut plan and definitive mandate; a Thinker and a Doer, an Intellectual and Progressive who sees the possibility of a revived Industrial City and Commercial hub of West Africa, one who sees the dream of a new Abia...

When I see that candidate, s/he will have my vote and massive support.

I am yet to see that man/woman, until then, I'll keep dreaming and searching...

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