Counting Down to My Birthday...New Book Loading

Hi Guys!

It's been an awfully long break from blogging for me. Who missed me? Cos I sure did miss you guys.
A lot has gone down this year already.. the elections have finally come and gone, we now have a brand new President and some new Governors, Dame Patience ,sadly,will be moving out of Aso Rock, "Power" will most certainly change hands come May 29th. Too bad for them political jobbers who have no "insurance" after then.

In other developments,
we woke to the news of the massive earthquake in Nepal thus week. Let's put them in our prayers, they need help to get themselves back together and strength for those who lost loved ones.

Now the good news, it will be my birthday in less than 24 hours! April 27th. Yippee!!! *Does the twiddle with some shoki*

This year, I'll be doing it a bit differently. As my way of celebrating and my gift to you, I'll be releasing my new book titled "Best Brain of the Year" on E-book platform.

Its a story everyone would love to read and perhaps tell to their child/ward. The book will be available for absolutely FREE for a limited time only (60 days) after which it will sell for just N10 on the site. I also intend to give out 1000 free hard copies to kids on Children's Day (May 27th), if you would like to join me do this, kindly send me an email or SMS and I will call you back.
So, its a few hours away, and the download link will be up in my next post. If you haven't yet signed up on Okadabooks, please click this link and sign up. It's FREE!

Don't miss out on this cool opportunity to get my birthday gift and also to share in my joy! Feel free to share the link with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.

Watch this space...

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