Buhari: Saint Or Sinner, Tribalist or Nationalist?

Buhari Saint Or Sinner

One big question that must be running through the minds of most well meaning Nigerians right now will be: "Is President Buhari a saint?"

With the latest impasse between Governor Fayose and Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari over allegations of corruption and the ensuing reaction of Madam Aisha, it is obvious the Presidency is not comfortable with the allegations.

Buhari has had this cloak of "integrity" and "incorruptibility"
over him right from the early 80's and that gave him a strong hand during the 2015 electioneering campaign.

Nigerians had expected that right from the composition of his Ministers and Aides, one would hardly find any "corrupt" individual in his cabinet.

I bet most Nigerians were rather disappointed with some of the ministerial nominees who are largely seen as part of the old gang.

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The latest threat to President Buhari's anti-corruption stance is that of the Chief of Army Staff, Gen Buratai's admittance to owning the alleged Dubai properties valued at over N100 million.

Investigations have revealed that the average monthly salary of a Nigerian Major General is N1.37 million, while that of a Brigadier General is about N676k.

Going by this, it would take a Major General 72 years of earning and saving up his entire income, to gather N100 million.

On the other hand, it will take a Brigadier General roughly 167 years to gather same.

One now wonders how General Buratai was able to acquire such lush properties with his personal savings, having not worked up to 72 years.

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The opposition People's Democratic Party, PDP, now have every reason to affirm that the current anti-corruption war is one-sided and mainly opposition-targeted and have severally described it as a political witch-hunt.

Taking a closer look at Buhari's political appointments over the past one year, one cannot help but think that the president is patronizing one section of the country over the others.

His appointments have not shown him to be nationalistic in his ideal as President. Remembering his inauguration day punch-line quote, Mr President boldly declared "I am for everybody and I am for nobody"

Perhaps Mr President needs to be reminded that he is president of "Nigeria" and not one section of the country.

Watch President Muhammadu Buhari's infamous inauguration day speech here:

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