Google Marks Earth Day 2017 With Creative Animated Doodle And Climate Change Tips

Earth Day 2017: Google Marks Earth Day 2017 With Creative Animated Doodle And Climate Change Tips

Google's Earth Day 2017 doodle shares helpful tips and messages about climate change and conserving the environment.

This is as scientists and others gear up for the March for Science on Saturday.

Google through a series of animated illustrations, tells the story of a sleeping fox that has a nightmare about the consequences of climate change.

The nightmare features melted icebergs, dead sea creatures and dead plants.

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Worried by the development, the fox enlists two friends to be more thoughtful about conservation.
The three of them then eat vegetables, plant trees, ride bikes and use solar energy.

Google also offered conservation tips for Earth Day, reminding people to turn off lights, plant trees, eat locally sourced food and avoid driving.

Here are Google's Earth Day 2017 tips:

#1 Turn off The Lights

Google says always turn off the lights when you leave a room to conserve energy and save the environment.
#2 Plant a Tree

 If you are really serious about taking care of the environment, find a way to get outside and plant a tree in your community.

#3 Turn off The Engines

 Energy emissions from your engines, cars, motorbikes and locomotives are not so earth-friendly.

As part of the ways one can help to conserve the earth, according to Google's Earth Day 2017 tips, try carpooling, taking a walk, biking, or taking public transport for a day.

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In highly populated Nigerian cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt, imagine how doing this even for just a day would impact the environment.

#4 Eat Fruits, Veggies and Locally Sourced Foods

One last tip to help preserve the earth in 2017, Google says eating fruits, veggies and locally sourced foods can reduce emissions and waste.

On this Earth Day 2017, tech giants Google encourage recycling, coral reef conservation, wild life conservation and rainforest conservation.

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