30 Flavors Of Apple Juice: Singer And Writer AJ Shares Shocking Life Secrets In New Book

Singer and writer AJ reveals shocking secrets about her past and growing up in her new book 30 Flavors of Apple Juice!

The singer who turned 30 on Sunday June 4th released a 30-page memoir chronicling her life stories and experiences.

30 flaovrs of Apple Juice

 Aj real name Ajumoke Nwaeze revealed in her book,
Thirty Flavors of Apple Juice, how she hot struck by lightning.

A major nerve raiser was a chapter in the book where Aj described a detailed account of how she was abused in a previous relationship she had been.

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Aj announced the release of her new book via Instagram to her fans.

See what she shared:

My life has not always been a fairy tale; it’s rather been an interesting burst of flavors.

It is complex yet simple, adventurous yet calm, painful yet sweet, but in all, I have learnt to relish in memories and live my story as it unfolds.

Thirty Flavors of Apple Juice was initially conceived as a PicStory of me in thirty different outfits to mark my 30th birthday, but on second thought, I decided to write an inspiring memoir.

30 Flavors Of Apple Juice

I have been struck by lightning, abused as a child and an adult, made mistakes and wrong choices, battled with several fears among other ordeals, yet I choose to stand strong - because that is my ONLY option.

Enjoy this captivating story as I take you through the journey of my complicated, yet adventurous life!

With Love from Your Lil Mama - AJ!
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You never know whose life this book is about to change!

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