How Not To Lose Yourself And Your Creativity In The Work Place

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The work environment can be a very challenging and perhaps daunting place for a lot of people.

People more especially in the creative industry find themselves in this rut where they feel like they are "losing themselves", or becoming less and less creative.

Research has shown these 5 steps will help you not to lose yourself and your sense of creativity at work.

#1 Assert Yourself:

Assert Yourself
Without seeming overtly assertive, it is important to assert oneself in the workplace.

Apart from boosting your self confidence, it also sends a positive vibe and signals a sense of knowledge-ability of your profession.

You might want to be careful not to overdo it and seem overbearing on others.

#2 Take Snap Breaks

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From time to time, ideally every two to three hours, take snap breaks of 1 to 2 minutes from what you are doing.

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You could go take a cup of coffee, walks a few hundred metres to another department or work-station, play a short crossword puzzle, or throw a few darts.

This not only helps to refresh and energize your brain cells in order to keep your creative juices flowing.

Its also a healthy workplace habit and helps you stay focused.

#3 Stop Routinizing

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Sometimes, work can get so routinized that it saps one of creative energy.

Going over the same work schedule or similar projects day in day out, the tendency to feel like one is losing oneself can get high.

Knowing how your workflow goes and the nature of tasks and things you do on a daily basis, it makes sense to tweak your to-do list.

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Jumbling your task schedule a little bit some times wont hurt.

#4 Stop Comparing

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Its completely normal to find ourselves comparing our work with colleagues or even competitors in the work environment.

No crime in being, competitive and striving to be the best, but a lot of times, this subconscious tendency robs us of our own sense of creativity.

Rather than focus on improving ones craft and skills, a lot of time and energy is expended in comparing and maybe even envying the other party.

No need to compare, we are not all the same.

#5 Invest In Personal Development

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The best investment you can make all through your working career is an investment in your own 
personal development.

Whether its a course you need to attend, a training, a seminar, a conference a book you need to read, or a tutorial you need to take, invest in yourself at all costs.

You are sure to boost your creativity and not lose yourself in a pile of work when your creativity and energy is fired up with loads of personal development.

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