In the world of technology, every day is ready with new surprises.

The talk in the tech space these days doesn’t fail to mention Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine learning and the like.

Although most people are familiar with these concepts and technology, many are yet aware the impact these trendsetting technologies will have on a number of jobs and industries.

Let’s take a look at 10 jobs artificial intelligence may make extinct in 5 years or less:

Factory Worker

One industry that has already began to see the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics is in manufacturing.

With increasing awareness and implementation of AI and robotics in different manufacturing processes, protocols and machinery, there is becoming less and less need for human effort.

Factory workers will be the worst hit when robots and AI completely take over their core job responsibilities in Manufacturing.

Call Center Operator

Most Customer-facing B2B and B2C firms and multinationals irrespective of size either run their own Call Centers or outsource to other companies to handle customer complaints and manage relationships.

This trend is going to experience a big shift shortly as researchers have developed technology that can handle effectively customer complaints, calls, etc.

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As chat bots, robot call center operators and other artificial intelligence technologies become more and more popular in this space, human operations here might be reduced to maintenance and compliance monitoring.


Everyone knows he driver-less car craze is gradually kicking in.

As more and more car makers make the switch from fossil-fueled cars to electric cars and driver-less models, this technology poses a huge threat to drivers.

Seems like our science fiction fantasies are becoming a rather scary reality with the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence driver-less technology.


Another job that is set to take a major blow from robotic technology is mining.

Every day, efficient and faster robotic equipment are being developed that can mine resources much more productively than human beings.

This applies to mineral mining as well as fossil fuel mining.
For, the mining and extractive industry, particularly in Africa that has been wrought with wage wars and labour crises, the outlook doesn’t look good in the face of artificial intelligence and robotics.


Medicine, one of the most revered and sacred professions of our day, is also bound to face the technology overthrow threat.

As advancement in laser technology and robotic surgery is being developed, artificial intelligence that can simulate basic medical practice, doctors are no longer shielded from the technology overthrow threat.


Researchers at Google are presently developing technology that will improve the accuracy of its Translation service to be as good, if not much better than human translators.

What this implies is, in the next five years or less, services of human translators will be needed less.

Delivery Men

Drone technology which became a big hit in 2015 is coming for jobs no-one originally imagined..

Drifting away from its initial military focus, drone technology is already being used by companies like Amazon to carry out deliveries “risk-free” to customers.

Does this mean that our loyal might become extinct in a few years? Time will tell.

Graphics Designers

The online printing and designing business model is gradually taking centre stage not just globally, but even here in Nigeria.

Getting a design done, from the basic logos, letterheads and forms, to the much more complex designs, can be done online these days in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to open-source technology, free pictures and do-it-yourself graphic design tools, people might no longer need to give an arm and a leg to get designs done.

Speech Writers

Going the way of translators, speech writers in the next few years might have a hard time finding clients or bosses to write speeches for.

With artificial intelligence and speech writing robots coming on the scene, all one needs to do is dictate ones thoughts.

Alternatively, one can simply give a general idea/description of the speech and/or audience and have a nice speech ready in minutes.

Personal Assistants

Last on my list of 10 jobs artificial intelligence and robotics may make extinct in the next five years is the Personal Assistant.

Scientists have developed applications and robots that can very efficiently serve as Digital Personal Assistants.

They can not only help you schedule your itinerary, they can help with emails, manage your phone calls, remind you of events, manage your contacts and do a whole lot more.

Obviously, there are a number of other jobs that AI and robotics pose a huge threat to in the next few years, but the important question to ask is this – are we ready for the shift?

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