Simple Tips To Help You Be Productive as a Freelancer


The nature of today’s jobs has created a robust opportunity for freelancers. This is as a result of some innovations that we have witnessed over time. Today, a lot of individuals work remotely as freelancers. It has become easy because you have a smartphone, a laptop and internet connection
These freelancers could be developers, designers, illustrators, graphic artists, content writers, photographers and so many other professionals.
The challenge often times these professionals as well as clients face is the problem of staying productive while working as a freelancer.

It can be quite distracting and also quite difficult to work as a freelancer in an unregulated, remote work environment without a proper work ethic, guiding principles as well as tools to help one maintain maximum productivity while satisfying client demands.
Here are five tips that will help you stay productive as a freelancer:

1. Plan Schedule your work week: The very first step to staying productive as a freelancer is by organizing your work schedule on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This includes planning your day-to-day tasks, meetings, phone calls, project deadlines, etc. Doing this will ensure you maximize your productive time.
2. Allocate specific time-frames: For each task, meeting, event deadlines and timelines. Doing this regularly allows you to stay organized and very well prioritize and allocate your efforts, energies, and resources appropriately.

3. Share a co-working space: Quite some freelancers and startups use shared workspaces. One benefit sharing a co-working space gives a freelancer is the semblance of an office environment.
Apart from the fact that, it is a lot more professional for clients and associates to meet with and engage with you in a “formal-looking” setting, it also allows you to network with other freelancers and startups who might as well be your next clients.

4. Use tools like Slack and Asana: Productivity tools like Asana and Slack allow freelancers to work remotely as well as with or create virtual teams to take on projects. This kind of tools allow for feedback, real-time connectivity, shared screens, links, flies, etc. making it easier for a freelancer to work more effectively and efficiently, also giving confidence to clients as they can monitor progress and milestones on a real-time basis.
5. Plan a Reward system for successfully accomplished tasks/goals: It is important as a freelancer to always design a reward system for successfully performed tasks/goals. Doing this helps you to stay focused on the big picture and also contributes to remind you of previous achievements when things are not going as smoothly.
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