How Superhero Comic Characters Batman and Spider-Man Inspired my Passion for Tech


Scrolling down my timeline on Twitter a while ago, I came across some really fascinating images of one of my favorite childhood superhero characters - Spider-man. 

The images were by Spider-man fans who had remade beautiful Spider-man costumes Black and Red, and these brought to mind some fond nostalgic memories of my childhood love for DC Comics and Marvel comic book superhero characters. 

Red and Blue Spiderman Costume

Black Spider-man Costume

As a kid, I loved comic books and cartoons, especially those that featured tech-savvy and science fiction superhero and villain characters who created or utilized technology to try to save the world, a city or at least save a person.

From Spider-man to Batman, to Robocop and Iron Man, these characters had some  special charm by which they fascinated me, long before they ever became Hollywood blockbuster movie characters.

Among all of these comic book superheroes, Batman and Spider-man were my most favorite. Spider-man: because he was a young nerd that did his best to save his city with superpowers bestowed on him by a spider; and Batman: because he deployed futuristic automobiles, gadgets, and technology to beat equally tech-savvy villains in order to save Gotham and the world at large.

Comic Books And Kids

If there is one thing I know about myself as a kid, it is the fact that I loved comics and cartoons.

The fascinating scenes and characters well drawn out by the artists, combined with the succinct and apt dialogue boxes and "impact" indicators were simply irresistible!

When the comics began transiting from the comic books to the TV screen as cartoons, quite naturally, I followed same with unfettered passion and longing to see how my favorite characters would appear on TV and save the day.
Fast forward to the early 2,000's: Marvel and DC Comics popular superhero cartoons enter Hollywood, first as animations, and then as full feature movies. They become such huge big screen successes that they keep rolling out episode after episode.
As expected, Hollywood perfectly illustrates these high-powered, futuristic tech cartoon stories into realistic scenes and sets that stimulate the creative mind even further.
Here's how these superhero comic book characters helped stir my passion for technology:


The cool, billionaire and CEO Wayne hut Enterprises who doubles as a business man during the day and a crime fighting superhero and city vigilante at night.

A villain in one of the series episodes, happens to be a techie and scientist developing revolutionary biotechnology. This scientist eventually goes rogue and becomes a villain who batman now has to defeat in order to save Gotham and the entire world.

As much as I liked batman and his cool gadgets and costumes, the other superhero still ranked a notch higher to me.


Although not so much of a techie, he came from an average family and got stung by a spider. This gave him superpowers which he used to save people in dire, life-threatening situations and also in fighting super-villains with powers that only wit, critical thinking and empathy can help him defeat.

Spidey, aka Peter Parker appealed a whole lot more to me for some reason. Perhaps being of humble upbringing, a nerd, and good-looking made the character very relatable. 

Spider-man's penchant for fighting crime and dealing with high-tech villains with superpowers was thrilling and fascinating. 

My Lessons

For me, the lessons I derived from these superhero comic book stories and characters were these:

  • Technology in and of itself is neutral. It can become a a great force for good or evil. It all depends on who applies it, and how it is applied, and the motive of the person deploying it.
  • With the will and desire to do good, there will always be a way (technology) to solve a problem or change a situation.
  • I also deduced that technology or innovation without empathy usually leads to villainy. It's good to innovate, to create technology, but if it isn't going to solve a problem for the greater good, or make life better on earth and for mankind, it is likely to ultimately lead to chaos and the emergence of great villains.

With these lessons in mind, my passion for technology fired up, and my drive to solve problems, I committed to constant learning, improving and creating. It didn't matter the nature of my work, there had to be something - a problem, situation or task - that technology could help me solve, or a process/outcome it could improve. 

Today, I'm still on that journey, and we have only just scratched the surface. With my awesome team members at Technocentricity, we are passionate about solving problems with technology, building solutions, helping our customers and users derive best value always. 

Do check out some of the projects we've done and feel free to hit us up if you've got stuff you'd like us to help you work on.

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