5 Reasons Why Your Corporate Website Should Have a Blog


Ever wondered why almost every ranking company website on the internet, owned by reputable companies, always has a blog on the website? Well, the answer is not far fetched.
If your company or business website does not have a blog, you could be missing out on a number of benefits. There are a number of benefits that having a blog as a part of your corporate website gives.
In this article, we will look at five (5) big reasons why your company website should have a blog.
Reason #1: It’s Helps Provide Your Customers Relevant Information
For a second, imagine you were a customer or prospect who is interested in your product, brand or service. Where are you most likely to go to to get reliable information about your product/brand/service/company of interest? You guessed right – your website!
As a brand, company, or business, your corporate website is perhaps the most reliable source of information about your products, services or brand. Press releases and media articles are great. However, customers and prospects of your business can very easily get relevant information about what you have to offer, online when they can find it published on your website’s blog.
Reason #2: It’s Great For Your SEO

Ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex is one thing that website owners do all they can to achieve because of the huge benefits it brings. Having a blog on your corporate website is one easy way to boost your SEO rankings.
The more content you share on your official blog using keywords and phrases related to your industry, business, products or services the easier it is for your website to rank higher on search engine pages.
As you share more relevant material: news, infographics, pictures, videos, etc via your website’s blog, the more visible your website becomes on search engines.
Reason #3: It Helps position Your Brand/Business As An Industry Authority
Thought leadership in your industry or market can be achieved online using your corporate website’s blog. As you share relevant, helpful information, tips, news, images, videos, etc that benefit or inform your customers and prospects, the more they rely on you for advice and perceive your brand as an authority in the industry.
Big brands in the fashion and cosmetics industry such as NikeGAP, and Sephora make use of this strategy a lot.
Reason #4: It Is Excellent For Your Content Marketing
Your content marketing efforts online and on social media would be a whole lot easier when you have an official blog on your corporate website. Articles or content you have posted on the blog can be broken down into bits and parts and shared as captions, teasers, short clips, infographics and InstaStories on your various feeds.
You can also reshare or upload content such as videos on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo redirecting traffic again back to your website while still taking advantage of the audiences on these platforms.
You’ll find that big digital media companies like Facebook and Google will publish press releases and news updates on the official Facebook blog and the Google Blog with several different pages and media channels linked to and fro them.
Reason #5: It Is A Great Way To Draw In Traffic
Getting traffic to your website is not rocket science. If you deploy the right strategies, understanding and “hacks”, you can generate a lot of organic traffic to your website.
Posting content on your website’s official blog is another vital traffic generation strategy.
As you share, embed or broadcast parts, snippets, clips or links from your official blog, you create multiple channels for that content to lead prospects and customers back to your website from where the content originated.
Now that you have these five great reasons why you should have a blog page on your business/corporate website, why not talk to us to help you create bespoke content for your corporate blog and tell the right stories that will help grow your business!
We are more than excited to help, get in touch with us here. Find out about our services and solutions that meet your business needs here.
This article was originally published here by Technocentricity Ventures, a Digital Media, Marketing and Technology Solutions Company.

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