Mute Always: WhatsApp May Just Have Added It's Most Useful Feature Yet


Popular social messaging platform owned by Facebook, WhatsApp may just have added its most useful feature yet. 

For those familiar with the WhatsApp user interface, muting notifications is one feature that gets to be used to be used more often than not, especially if you are someone who has a lot of active contacts and belong to several large WhatsApp groups.

According to a release update posted by WABetaInfo, the update which has been submitted to the Google Play Beta Program is currently in development. The feature will allow for notifications, including Group Notifications to be muted permanently - Mute Always - for chats and groups.

This means that, WhatsApp users may not immediately see the "Mute Always" feature in their notification settings. However, once the feature in development is completed, the Mute Always option will be enabled for chats and groups.

With this update, WhatsApp users who have long depended on the "Mute Notifications for 1 Year" option, can now choose to mute those notifications permanently.

Now, with the update, WhatsApp plans to replace the 1 year mute option with the Always option in order to permanently silence notifications from specific chats and groups. 
A closer look at the muting options feature, as it works currently, you can only gain the option when you have received over 50 messages from a particular chat or group chat. However, this new Mute Always option is what WhatsApp plans ro replace similar selected chats. This will replace the “one-year”mute notification  option that users have known for a while now.

The feature is currently added in the “under development” list and will be available with the next update.

Some industry experts suggest that when the Mute Always feature becomes available to the general users of WhatsApp, user will still be able to view notification from chats that they have muted, if they still prefer to have them update although silently.

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